Interactive Map Gallery

Welcome to the Barrington Preservation Society Interactive Map Gallery.

This interactive map gallery includes a variety of historic maps of Barrington. To explore one of the maps, click on the map thumbnail and then click View App. Zoom in or out with the scroll wheel on your mouse or the + and – buttons on the left of the screen. Turn the historic map off and on to compare it with a modern topographic map by clicking the “Layers” tab.

Two of the gallery maps provide an opportunity to compare different time periods. The map called “Change Over Time: Barrington, RI 1850–1870” displays two maps side by side. Both maps display the same area, so if you zoom into a location on one map, the other map will zoom to the same geography. The map called “Change Over Time: Barrington, RI 1870–2014” has a spyglass feature allowing you to see 1870 features in any part of the community by moving the spyglass.

We hope you enjoy exploring these maps. We will continue to add maps to the gallery, so be sure to check back again!

Click to explore!

Still to come: teachers’ resource kit (PDF).