Revisit Barrington History


Installed in the Spring of 2015, Revisit Barrington History is the permanent exhibition highlighting Barrington’s history as reflected in our core holdings of artifacts, maps, and documents, and in our core activities in stewardship of Barrington’s past. In the museum, visitors walk through the most important themes and periods of Barrington’s development as a community:

• Pokanoket Indian settlement
• the first European settlers – Baptist settlers at Nockum Hill
• the growth and change of Barrington since colonial times (map sequence)
• Barrington as an agricultural community, and early schools
• Barrington’s militia and military history
• immigration and industry in Barrington in the 19th and 20th centuries
• our summer community and coastal businesses
• our inventory of historic, plaqued houses

Portions of this exhibition are updated dynamically as new research and acquisitions allow us to improve our showcase of Barrington’s heritage.

Barrington Ship to Shore

Ship_to_Shore_sailboatinframe Ship_to_Shore_compassinframe

Exhibition Dates: September 2014 through February 2015

The Barrington Ship to Shore Exhibit opens on Wednesday, August 27 and features a large pond yacht built by Pete Waterman’s uncle in the 1930’s, a nineteenth century ship’s engine telegraph and brass lanterns, vintage photos of the Barrington waterfront and yacht clubs, Thurston Sails, Blount Marine Corporation, Cove Haven and Stanley’s Marinas as well as stories about Albert Stearns’ schooner Mohawk refitted to serve as a Coast Guard patrol boat during World War II and Harold N. Gibbs, noted fisherman and naturalist who became the first director of Rhode Island Fish and Wildlife.

Barrington’s Industrial Past


Exhibition Dates: December 2013 through June 2014.

Follow THIS LINK for a tri-fold brochure (PDF) on the exhibition.