Plaque Program


If you are a homeowner of historic property, you should know we regard you as a very important steward of our town’s history.

Since 1965 the Society has awarded over 160 historic plaques to homes that have retained their architectural integrity and are at least 100 years in age.

Applying for a Plaque

Owners of Barrington buildings that were built at least 100 years ago, and which preserve their original styles, are eligible to apply for a plaque. Once the age of the house is documented and the necessary research is complete, a plaque commemorating the original owner and date of construction is presented.

A Plaque Program Guideline Sheet and Plaque Application Form are available here to download. For more information, please contact the BPS plaque committee by e-mail at

Join us in preserving and celebrating Barrington’s splendid architectural resources!

Owning a Plaqued House

Real Estate agents and current or prospective owners of plaqued properties in Barrington often ask BPS about both obligations and benefits conferred by BPS plaques. Unlike several other Rhode Island towns, Barrington has no town-level Historic District Commission (HDC) or similar municipal governmental agency. Our town recognizes no restrictions on plaqued properties within Barrington other than what applies to every property covered by statute in the town’s property code. Similarly, while a plaque confers the recognition that excellent and well-preserved properties deserve, BPS plaques do not confer any protections or financial benefits to property owners either at the town or state level.

BPS maintains files on every property which has been plaqued by us since 1965. Every plaqued house is part of a century-long story which is still being written. We encourage homeowners to visit or contact us if you are curious about your house’s past, and to let us know if you have more to tell us about your house’s past, present, or future.