About BPS

The Barrington Preservation Society is constituted for the purpose of identifying, acquiring, holding, arranging, maintaining, opening to the public, with suitable regulations, and preserving for posterity, buildings, places, tracts of land, objects and information of historical interest within or pertaining to the Town of Barrington, Rhode Island, and cooperating with organizations engaged in similar activities; it is operated exclusively for literary, charitable and educational purposes.

Our mission at the Museum is to acquire, maintain, protect, and systematically organize objects and information relating to the history of the Town of Barrington, Rhode Island. The museum is a center for displaying, housing and protecting memorabilia relating to Barrington, with exhibitions appropriate for the information and pleasure of the citizens of Barrington. It also serves as a center for the research and education concerning Barrington’s history, with appropriate programs, tours, books and written materials made available to Barrington citizens and visitors.

Our current trustees and officers are listed on a separate page.